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Which is Better: An IUL or a Roth IRA?  

When it comes to building a solid financial future, finding the right investment vehicle can be a daunting task. Comparisons are often made between an IUL (Indexed Universal Life Insurance) and a Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Account) as a choice between getting life insurance or investing in the stock market. While an IUL can give the appearance of doing both; however that’s not really the case – and, often, this can lead to unrealistic expectations.

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The Big (Expensive) Rollover Mistake Some People Make

At retirement, some people receive a check from their employer for their 401(k) balance and write a check for deposit into their IRA before the 60-day deadline, just like they were told, to avoid any problems with the IRS. They’ve met the deadline. The money is now in their IRA. They’re clear and the rollover is complete…. or is it?

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IRAs With Excess Assets Impact Family Members Too!

After passage of the SECURE Act of 2019, non-spouse IRA beneficiaries are now required to liquidate their inherited IRAs by the end of the 10th year. Often, that means they’ll be withdrawing taxable income from the inherited IRAs during their peak earning years – great gift for Uncle Sam, but not so good for the kids.

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