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I know how long my retirement income will last.
I am concerned about the risk of outliving my retirement income.
I am pleased with the returns on my retirement and investment programs.
I understand the impact of inflation on my retirement plan.
I pay taxes on my Social Security benefits.
I am fully covered for health care costs: Medicare A and B as well as “Med Sup.”
I am familiar with costs of long-term care and nursing home costs.
I have reviewed my life insurance program in the last two years.
I have a current will consistent with my estate distribution wishes.
I have advance directives (living will, medical power of attorney) consistent with my wishes.
I am concerned about estate taxes.
I am concerned about my final expenses.
I want to leave something to my: children, grandchildren, church, alma mater, charity.

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Financial Statement

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Returns made on my retirement assets are a…
Effect of inflation on my assets is a…
Risk of outliving my retirement income is a…
Providing funds to pay my mortgage and debts in the event of death is a...
Protecting against the costs of long-term health care is a...
Investing money in tax-favored plans is a...
Low risk investments are a...
Investments that offer high growth potential are a...
An overall financial plan is a...
Review of all my insurance policies is a…
Availability of additional health care coverage is a…
Income from real estate including residence is a…
Involvement of my spouse in our financial planning is a...

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